Displaying 3D image and controlling it with hand gesture

Hello Friends this is really a superb and jaw dropping video which I saw out side of a Sci-fi movie. This is a 3D display made on a prismatic surface. The display is controlled with the help of human gestures and responds to movement very well. He uses Pepper’s ghost technique to display the object. In […]

3D Scanner For your PC

Hello friends this is a really cool thing for person related to mechanical designing and reverse engineering.This 3D scanner is called Digitizer by Makerbot. It takes real objects and convert them into CAD design files. Main advantage of Makerbot Digitizer is that you can scan objects and Print them directly with the help of Makerbot 3D […]

LED blinking with 8051:C Program and Proteus design files

>> Here I am starting new series of proteus simulations with programing with this post. LED blinking with 8051 microcontroller >>LED blinking is one of the most basic technique used for peripheral interfacing. >>All you have to do is on and off your input output pin at regular interval (not so fast that you can’t […]

1 millisecond delay in 8051 C Program

>> Most of microcontroller beginners begins with 8051 microcontroller. And also starts with LED blinking. LED blinking is a simplest program for beginners. So they can test their development board with it. >> But it is somewhat difficult to make precise delay in LED blinking. You can calculate precise delay in assembly language. In c language […]

Operating Graphics LCD Serially with two wire

Hello friends you may have earlier heard about serial LCD concepts in which an extra controller is used near LCD to receive the data serially and display it. That style of interfacing LCD has many features as compared to normal operating mode of LCD. A normal LCD if operated in parallel mode it needs at […]

Get 8051 Development board Proteus Simulator

>> Many microcontroller beginners uses 8051 microcontroller as their first step in embedded designs. For learning purpose development board is the best option. >> So I prefer to purchase one best development board. But it requires some knowledge for selecting best development board for your practice. >> Some list of components must for development for […]

Wall clock made of RGB Pixels Running on Arduino

Hello friends this is a very impressive post about making your own wall clock made of RGB LEDs. This is done by Genius Devil (Tobi). He has used Arduino to manage RGB LEDs and  DS1307 RTC to maintain time. He has made a laser cut frame for his wall clock. This clock has a really […]