Get Free Microcontroller and other samples from Atmel

Hello Friends Atmel is one of the market leaders in Microcontrollers and memories. Their AVR microcontroller series is quiet popular in in hobbyists and students. Atmel is providiing free samples of their ICs for the enthusiasts you can also get some for free. To order your sample IC please visit their sample request page here. […]

Antenna Length And Frequency Calculator

>> Many time we require to calculate antenna length from frequency or frequency to antenna length. >> Antenna length can be half wave length or quarter wave length. This is minimum required antenna length. >> So here I tried to make this calculations easy only for you. Now we have to just enter frequency in […]

Bike Gear Position Indicator

Hello Friends here is a really cool project about Bike Gear Positioning with Picaxe microcontroller. It is sometimes very hard for the newbies to remember bike gear position while learning , so this could be a boon for them. A seven segment display is mounted near speedometer to indicate the gear position. This project is […]

Making a giant coil to transmit signal at 9khz

Hello friend this  gentlemen (W1VLF) wanted to make a radio communication at the farthest distance possible at just below 9kHz. and he was able to make it possible.But what attracted us is a giant coil which was made by him at his backyard with so much hard work. He has to make such a giant coil to achieve […]

R2R Ladder Resistor Network DAC Proteus simulation

>> There are many ways to convert your digital signal into analog signal. Here we are giving tutorial on R2R ladder resistor type of DAC. What is DAC? A device used to convert digital signal into analog signal is called DAC (digital to analog converter). >> There are number of methods to perform DAC operation. A list […]


What  is a micromouse? A Micromouse is a maze solving autonomous robot which completes the maze within minimum time possible.A micromouse has to cross the maze in minimum time therefore to achieve that it should run very fast. A micromouse is made up of several parts listed below. Body i.e a micromouse’s mechanical structure Battery […]

Making Iron man like interface on your computer

Hello friends here is another post in our Super Hero section. I hope you have seen Iron man movie ,  and you are fascinated about how cool the “Javris” computer is. If I tell you , it is really easy to make such interface for your own isn’t it great. Here is a project done […]