7 Day Desktop Alarm Clock using ATMega 644 microcontroller

7 Day Desktop Alarm Clock
>> These two genius guys Anthony Boiano and Tong Zhang from cornell university have made 7 Day Desktop Alarm Clock using ATMega 644 microcontroller as their final year electronics project.
>> A brief project details in their own words “The variability of a college student’s class and school work schedule gives way to an abnormal sleep/wake pattern that is not experienced any other age group. Few lucky students have the pleasure of having all their classes start at the same time every day. However, most students do not have this luxury. This requires that most students reset their alarm clocks every night in to adjust to each day’s different schedule. Forgetting to reset the clock could result in sleeping through classes, or unexpected wake-ups hours before classes start. This abnormal schedule disrupts your circadian rhythm and makes it increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning. For some it leads to snoozing your way through morning classes.
We have created a new type of alarm clock that will have a built in record of your weekly schedule so that it may wake you up at the right time, every time, every day. Our alarm clock will includes extra features that improve on the shortcommings of current alarm clock designs.”
>> To get further details about this project please visit here.
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