A Helmet Television

a wearable television made in 1967

Have you ever thought of watching every detail in front of your eyes every time? and you can find every detail whenever you want?
No i am not talking about Google Glasses, I am talking about a helmet mounted television of 1967. We think that this is the first step of virtual reality which is being developed recently.
The TV Helmet of 1967 is a technical device that isolates the user while imbedding him or her in an endless web of information: closed off against the outside world, the wearer is completely focused on the screen before his or her eyes. This work by Walter Pichler doesn’t merely formally anticipate the cyber glasses developed decades later. He also articulated questions of content in relation to the media experience long before the “virtual world” was even discovered. Pichler called his invention a Portable Living Room, and this is usually interpreted as scathing sarcasm. When at least the tube is on in the living room, then we can easily do without varnished cabinets and potted violets, the title seems to say.
We would thank this guy from our heart that he has given us idea of the virtual reality and wearable display devices. 

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