A Remote Controlled Digital Multi-Meter

A Remote Controlled Digital Multi-Meter
>> These two genius guys Xiaofeng Gu and Jia Yang from cornell university made A Remote Controlled Digital Multi-Meter as their final year electronics project.
>> A brief project details in their own words “In this project, we built a digital multi-meter utilizing near-field communication concept.
The system established a bidirectional wireless communication between the measurement unit and the base unit. The measurement unit is in charge of measurement and transmitting the result to the base, while the base is the user interface for measurement mode selection and output display. The two units are electrically and mechanically isolated. The intended communication range would be between 10 and 15cm.
The mechanical and electrical isolation improves the safety of measurement under some high voltage or high power situations, where direct electrical connection is dangerous.”
>> To get further details on this project please visit here.
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