Accelerometer based digital pen with PIC microcontroller

Accelerometer based digital pen made with pic microcontroller

Hello Friends this post is about Accelerometer based pen,  this is really a cool project for students who made this for a PIC32 Design Challenge. This pen is really promising and it is good to see how this pen recognizes human gestures, writing and other stuff. It is equipped with a microphone and memory card to keep record of your writing.

Here is what the developers say about their pen “A 3D accelerometer constantly keeps track of the pen’s position. This means you can write on any type of paper, or any surface at all, and be able to import your notes, drawings, doodles, and sketches into your favorite image editing software. Write on a table, on a wall, or even upside-down. The LinkInk Digital Pen is ready to capture it all “

Have a look at video in action

Via [Hacked Gadgets]

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