Altitude Control for a Helicopter using ATMega 644

Altitude Control for a Helicopter
>> These two genius minds Akshay Dhawan and Sergio Biagioni from cornell university have made Altitude Control for a Helicopter using ATMega 644 as their final year electronics project.
>> A project summary in their own words “we developed a self learning 1 degree of freedom (DOF) helicopter using a neural network learning algorithm and infrared (IR) distance measurement. The primary goal is to increase the helicopter height to a desired level in the quickest amount of time and with the least amount of learning trials.
The purpose of our project is to learn how to wirelessly apply a neural net learning algorithm to an indoor helicopter. Iniitially, we intended on applying horizontal position control and vertical height control using phototransistors as distance measurement devices.”
>> To get more details please visit here.
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