Bike Gear Position Indicator

motorcycle gear position indicator with microcontroller

Hello Friends here is a really cool project about Bike Gear Positioning with Picaxe microcontroller.
It is sometimes very hard for the newbies to remember bike gear position while learning , so this could be a boon for them. A seven segment display is mounted near speedometer to indicate the gear position.
This project is done by Genius Devil(ironjungle).
Most modern motorcycles have a Gear Position Indicator (GPI) signal wire from/to the Engine Control Module (ECM) that outputs a voltage reading of 0 to 5VDC depending on which gear is selected.So he measures the voltage level with the help of on chip ADC and displays the gear position on seven segment.
He has used 2009 Suzuki V-Strom (DL1000) bike for testing.
He has also included an additional facility of measuring ambient temperature with the help of DS18B20 temperature sensor.
This is another cool feature that can be added to your bike is Automatic Turn off indicator.
Have a look at video in action.
Have a look at developers website where you can see coding and circuit design of this project

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