Buzzer interfacing in Proteus ISIS Simulation software

This is about Interfacing a buzzer in Proteus ISIS software and making it beep with a microcontroller.If you don’t know anything about Proteus isis visit the tutorial page. And if you want to download latest version  proteus for free visit this link.

One of the best things in Proteus ISIS simulator is that it you can use your computer speakers to behave as a buzzer or speaker which you used in simulation.So you can actually hear the sound form a simulated buzzer…isn’t it cool?In this way buzzer interfacing would be a very easy task with proteus.
You just need to generate PWM signals of audible frequency with 8051 microcontroller (if you are using P89V51RD2 from Philps there is internal PWM module).
buzzer interfacing in proteus isis with 8051 microcontroller
In same way you can have a look at Speaker interfacing in proteus, and DC motor Control in proteus.
You just need your imagination to fly you can then play a “.wav” file with 8051 microcontroller by this method. (if you succeed to interface “.wav” file with 8051 and speaker in proteus do leave a comment here we would be more than happy to publish it as featured project.)
Here is the link from where you can get Schematic and C programming (coding) for this.

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  1. faceboo says:

    Hello to all, how to interface speakers with proteus simulationa i want to play a .mp3 file from mictrcontroller.

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