First Intrusion Alarm Ultrasonic Security System

first intrusion alarm Ultrasonic Security System
>> These two genius minds Gen Masuda and Xuefan Zhang of cornell university made First Intrusion Alarm Ultrasonic Security System as their final year electronics project. They used ATMega 644 microcontroller for this project.
>> A brief project details in their own words “We were inspired to build an ultrasonic security system for our final project by our housing situation this summer. Security is an important part of home, especially if we are going to share a house with prior strangers without a lock on our room door. Yes, that is the situation we are walking into in order to drive down the cost of living in NYC. And we anticipate that many college students could face a similar problem. What is not to love about a device that looks like WALL-E and scans around for possible intruders? In case of intruders, it sends off a sound alarm and alerts the owner via email. It is also password protected and could be disabled via the correct password.”
>> To get further details on this project please visit here.
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