Homemade VGA Adapter DIY using ATMega 644

Homemade VGA Adapter DIY using ATMega 644
>> These two genius minds Ryan Fanelli and David Hartino from cornell university made Homemade VGA Adapter DIY using ATMega 644 as their final year electronics project. 
>> A project summary in their own words “The goal of our project is to create a VGA video adapter. This “homemade video card” should be able to connect to any monitor that subscribes to VGA standards with a standard connector and display the desired material reliably. The challenges involved here stem from adapting a general use microprocessor that we are familiar with to a specific task that it may (or may not) be suited to. The project required the researching and understanding the VGA standard of how a picture is displayed on a computer screen, identifying the shortcomings or advantages of the MEGA644 processor in accomplishing this, development and fabrication of the necessary hardware to interface with the screen, and in converting images to a format that can be stored in memory and displayed on the microprocessor.”
>> If you are interested in this project then get further details from here

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