Make Best Pedometer suitable for Realworld Application

Make Best Pedometer suitable for Realworld Application
>> These two genius students Aaron Ho and Timothy Hu of cornell university have made Make Best Pedometer suitable for Realworld Application as their final year electronics project. They used ATMega 644 microcontroller for this project.
>> A project summary in their own words “Our final project provides a simple but effective exercise monitoring system of the user’s walk or run. With an increase of the number of health conscious individuals hoping to remain fit, we designed a system that allows the user to keep track of his or her total number steps, current speed, and total distance in both real time and with a data logging system. This is especially useful for any students who are concerned with how much exercise they are getting by simply going to class!
Using the ATmega644 microcontroller, we perform the necessary communications between the accelerometer which obtains the data, the LCD screen which displays real time data, and the SD card which stores the data. The logged data on the SD card can then be inserted into a user PC with MATLAB to plot the relevant exercise waveforms.”
>> To get more details for this project please visit here.

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