What  is a micromouse?

A Micromouse is a maze solving autonomous robot which completes the maze within minimum time possible.A micromouse has to cross the maze in minimum time therefore to achieve that it should run very fast.
A micromouse is made up of several parts listed below.
  1. Body i.e a micromouse’s mechanical structure
  2. Battery or power supply
  3. Sensors
  4. Microcontroller

Sensor For micromouse

A micromouse has to solve a maze so basically you need to detect both the sides of a wall and keep good distance from there while following the wall , this is pretty similar to Wall follower Robot. You can use an ultrasonic sensor to measure distance from the wall.

Algorithm for micromouse

Basically a micromouse has to solve a Maze so the most essential work an algorithm has to do is to find the way out of maze. There are many sophisticated algorithms available that can be helpful to you in solving a maze quickly,  But as you are starting you can start with The Right Hand Rule. This is most simple algorithm that guarantee that you will solve a maze, not necessarily fastest but you will solve. 

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