Mine Detector Robot using PIC Microcontroller

Mine Detector Robot using PIC Microcontroller
>> These four genius students SREEHARI M S, SREEYESH P B, SUJITH P and VISAKH VIJAYAN from COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THIRUVANANTHAPURAM have made prototype of Mine Detector Robot using PIC 16F877A Microcontroller.

>> A project summary in their own words “The threat of buried unexploded mines & bombs continues to be a danger for communities today. Many regions of the world have many miles of un-cleared mines that are still active and their detonation causes severe injury or death. The buried bombs are a threat to both vehicles and personnel and thus prohibit the safe travel of both the military and civilians.
Buried mines and unexploded bombs are generally found in conflict zones, however, the random nature of their distribution means that they can pose a threat for decades after the cessation of hostilities if they aren’t properly identified and disposed of.
Our project is mainly indent to eliminate or reduce such dangers. By using this robot we can detect the presence of mines. If in case any problem occurs during detection, like explosion of mines & bombs it will cause only the damage of robot, instead of causing the death of civilians or militants. Damage of robot is not a big matter due the low cost. And we can make a new one in within no time.”
>> You can get Block diagram, circuit diagram, PCB layout, working principle, data sheets and programming. To get all these details please visit Mine Detector Robot using PIC Microcontroller project page.

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