Proteus SPP

Get 8051 Development board Proteus Simulator
>> Many microcontroller beginners uses 8051 microcontroller as their first step in embedded designs. For learning purpose development board is the best option. You can also implement proteus SPP (serial peripheral protocol)on this development board.
>> So I prefer to purchase one best development board. But it requires some knowledge for selecting best development board for your practice. Proteus SPP can be simulated on virtual terminal.
>>You can always go for Arduino to use as a beginner’s development board. (have a look at world’s smallest development board and another smallest board)
>> Some list of components must for development for beginners.
  • LED
  • Seven Segment
  • UART (serial port)
  • LCD
  • Matrix Keypad
  • ULN 2303 driver IC
  • Stepper motor
>> If you are unable to purchase your own development board you can simulate it in Proteus simulation software. For this you should have basic knowledge of proteus.
>> It is a better idea to make your own development board in proteus. If you want to save time then you can download proteus files of 8051 development board from here.
>> You can get other ready made proteus simulation files and programs from here.>> You may like to find more details on proteus SPP at here.

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