R2R Ladder Resistor Network DAC Proteus simulation

R2R Ladder Resistor Network DAC Proteus simulation
>> There are many ways to convert your digital signal into analog signal. Here we are giving tutorial on R2R ladder resistor type of DAC.

What is DAC?

A device used to convert digital signal into analog signal is called DAC (digital to analog converter).
>> There are number of methods to perform DAC operation.
A list of methods for DAC operation.
  • The pulse-width modulator, PWM DAC
  • Oversampling DACs or interpolating
  • The binary-weighted DAC
  • The R2R ladder DAC
  • The Successive-Approximation or Cyclic DAC
  • The thermometer-coded DAC
  • Hybrid DACs
>> But in all these DAC R2R ladder type DAC is the simplest one to build and test.
>> You can made it with the help of only resistors of two different values. But you should select R and 2R value resistors with high value. For example 50k and 100k or 10k and 20k. Because high value resistors flows less current through it.
>> If you are enthusiastic then you can get all your required resistors and make your own DAC on GPB, PCB or bread board as shown network in above figure.
>> If you are lazy enough then you can simulate this DAC in proteus simulator software.
>> I also simulated one in proteus software. Which you can watch in below image.
R2R Ladder Resistor Network DAC Proteus simulation
>> You can apply digital pulses by manually operating pushbutton switches in proteus simulation. You can see different voltage levels in DC voltmeter. Here I used 100k and 50k resistors to create 8 bit r2r ladder type DAC.
>> If you don’t have latest version of proteus 8 then you can download it from below link
>> If you found this article helpful then get more proteus simulations.
>> You can also make DAC by PWM.

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