Repairing Old Nova Trimmer and making it mobile operated

repairing nova hair trimmer and making it run with mobile battery

Hello Friends this post is to describe about repairing your hair trimmer. Actually this genius devil (Sagar Dhandhukiya) bought a Nova Hair trimmer recently but very sadly the trimmer battery was not working properly (after one use the battery got discharged and did not start again). So he opened up his trimmer to do a repair work. But unfortunately he blew up one transistor in the charging circuit.
Below is the image of his charging circuit.
opening nova hair trimmer
Then he had to come up with an out of box idea to making his trimmer work.
What he did was Mobile Operated Hair Trimmer. Please don’t misunderstand by the name, he is not using mobile phone to control his hair trimmer.He uses his mobile phone battery to make his trimmer work. In that manner his hair trimmer remained portable and chargeable also.
Here is a video in action,

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  1. Is my nova trimmer repair how i can open the trimmer

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