Solar Panel Tracking System DIY

Solar Panel Tracking System DIY
>> These two genius students Jason Wright and Jeremy Blum of cornell university have made “Solar Panel Tracking System DIY” in their final year electronics project.
>> A short project description in their own words “We designed and built a system to automatically orient a solar panel for maximum efficiency, record data, and safely charge batteries. Using a GPS module and magnetometer, the HelioWatcher allows the user to place the system anywhere in the world without any calibration. The HelioWatcher then calculates what the sun’s current location is and orients the panel to the appropriate angle. It also utilizes a quadrature of light-detecting diodes to correct for short-term light obstruction, such as clouds or shade. Data is logged to an SD card to allow the user to visualize the efficiency gains and power consumption.”
>> To get further details on this project please visit here.
>>You can find more project based on ATMega 644 microcontroller at here.

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