Transmitting AM radio using a microcontroller

am transmitter with atmega 32 microcontroller
Hello Friends this is a really cool project of Transmitting AM radio directly with your Atmega32u4 microcontroller.
This Genius Devil (Angus McInnes) made this simple design.
The obvious question coming in your mind bust be “How can a slow microcontroller (16MHz) Transmit AM audio?” the answer is “No processing is done on audio, the data received by microcontroller over USB is sent into the air.”
The IO pin is connected to a wire that is working as antenna. (Same as our earlier project about One wire FM transmitter, but this was made with FPGA so with a huge computation power all the processing was done in FPGA).The IO pin changes its signal levels that is generating 1-bit output AM radio signal.
With the help of this transmitter he was able to transmit at 567kHz.

Here is the link to his website where he has given both coding: PC side (To send audio on USB ) and microcontrooler side (to receive data over USB and transmit on the air).

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  1. Deepak says:


    I am using TIVA C Series evel board and 433MHz RF Tx. I want to integrate RF Tx with evel board. Kindly suggest what interface can use and how can handle RF Tx module pragmatically using CSS

    Thanks in advance

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