What is a Digital Potentiometer? And how to use it?

Use of digital potentiometers in setting gain digitally

Hello friends this post is about Digital Potentiometers that are used in digital signal processing and setting the gain digitally.
“A stereo audio amplifier using two LM386 ICs with digital volume control for both left and right speakers.” So, how would you control the volume digitally?  You are right, by replacing the traditional electro-mechanical form of potentiometers with digital potentiometer chips. This project uses MAXIM’s DS1868 dual digital potentiometer chip and a PIC microcontroller to control the volume of a stereo output from two LM386 ICs.

Here is the link which gives you full detail about this Digital Potentiometer Project.

Have a look at the video in action in which you can see that the gain is set digitally (by push button) with a pic microcontroller.

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