Wi-Fi Audio Streaming system using ATMega 256A3U

Wi-Fi Audio Streaming system using ATMega 644

>> These two genius students Mark Hendrick and Doug Miller of cornell university have made Wi-Fi Audio Streaming system using ATMega 256A3U as their final year electronics project.
>> A small project details in their own words “For our final project we developed a wireless receiver capable of receiving and playing audio transmitted over an 802.11 Wi-Fi network. Our system was constructed using an Atmel ATxmega256A3U microcontroller and a RN-XV Wifly module made by Roving Networks. We send music to the microcontroller from a computer program running a custom streaming algorithm that incorporates feedback from the microcontroller. When the data is received by the microcontroller it is interpreted and output as an audio to a 3.5mm TRS female connector that can drive any line-in connection. Our streaming system was capable of playing 8-bit mono songs at 44.1kHz or 8-bit stereo at 22.05kHz.”
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