We reached 10,000 visitors monthly

Hello friends, with your heartily support we are able to achieve 10,000 visitors monthly mark from this month . Yes I know that our blog is quite new in its own niche and we are up against many giants but We at Genius Devils believe in competing with ourselves , we don’t compare or compete with others we are up here […]

How Our Alexa rank dropped by 500,000 in just one day?

Hello friends we are Genius Devils, and I want to share one of the best thing happened with me when I was experimenting with idea of popularizing my website. I know that Alexa ranking is literally meaningless in terms of traffic but many bloggers see this as reputation index and measure your popularity on the basis of […]

Online Electronics Engineering Calculator and Converter

>> Before one month ago we think to post online electronics engineering calculators and converters, and we started it with our first online engineering calculator Parallel Resistor Calculator. >> The main advantage of these online calculators on genius devils is all calculators are offline. So you can save webpage and use it any time. It doesn’t […]

Some Real life Power Suit like Ironman

Hello friends i think that no one is unfamiliar with Ironman movie and the fantastic suites that Tony Stark uses. But here are several real life suites that are ready for now. Off course you can’t use them to just fly in the air around and making fun with arms and ammunition, but these are suites designed to make your […]

AC voltage RMS measurement with AVR microcontroller

Hello friends this is a really superb article about AC voltage RMS measurement with Atmega 8535 microcontroller, made by Genius Devil(fredy). He has written several articles about AC power measurement and signal conditioning in his blog. He has performed many experiments with his microcontroller. He has used Atmega 8535 microcontroller for all his projects. AC […]