3.3V to 5V level Shifter circuit with Transistor

3.3V to 5V and 5V to 3.3V level shifting made easy Hello friends, hope that you are doing fine with your project works…. You are here reading this post this means that you have stuck with the problem that one of your device is operating on 3.3V and other is operating on 5V so how […]

How to use 74hc245 buffer as voltage Level Shifter?

>> Basic guide to use 74HC245 buffer >> 74HC245 buffer is a high speed buffer from NXP(philips). It is used to convert voltage level of different databus in embedded systems. >> Some time we need to connect a 3.3 volt operated device with 5 volt device. For example we have to connect ethernet controller ENC28J60 […]

RMS voltage measurement with PSIM software

Hello friends, here is a very neat and nice simulation about RMS voltage measurement with PSIM simulation software. The method described here is the simplest method to calculate RMS value of any signal. Firstly the Zero order hold block is used to take the input from the source. Then the source is multiplied by itself […]

PSIM 9.2 simulation software Download for free

What is PSIM simulation software? PSIM is a simulation software specifically designed for power electronics and motor control. With fast simulation and friendly user interface, PSIM 9.2 provides a powerful simulation environment to address your simulation needs. PSIM provides an intuitive and easy-to-use graphic user interface for schematic editing. A circuit can be easily created […]

Making Eyes for Ironman helmet

Hello friends it is[xrobots again] producing more detail about ironman suites that he is working on… We have already seen his Arc reactor and Helmet earlier. here he is once again with adding some extra details to his ironman suite. He has decided to make the Eyes glow like actual movie. He has used LEDs […]