A complete guide for LED Blinking

What is LED?

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. LEDs have allowed new text, video displays, and sensors to be developed, while their high switching rates are also useful in advanced communications technology.

What is LED Blinking?

LED blinking is same as eye blinking. Close and open eyes is called an eye blink in same manner on-off-on (or off-on-off)transition of an led is an LED blink. If such process is done repeatedly it is said LED Blinking.

Why to do LED Blinking?

LED blinking is considered as the first project to learn any microcontroller interfacing. It is considered as “Hello world” for embedded system.
LED blinking is also useful to make some indications (Slow blinking may be for normal operation and fast blinking may be used for a malfunction or faulty condition).
You can use LED for debugging your embedded applications.
In optical fiber and Infrared Communications LEDs are used as transmitter.

How to do LED blinking?

Here is a quick review about how you can do LED blinking.

LED Blinking Circuits

LED blinking with One transistor

LED blinking circuit with one transistor
LED blinking with one transistor

LED Blinking with One transistor

LED blinking circuit with one transistor
LED blinking with one transistor

LED blinking with Two transistors

LED blinking with AC mains voltage

LED blinking with AC mains voltage
LED blinking with AC (mains) voltage

LED Blinking with Solar Power (Infinity Blinker)

We have seen this circuit earlier. This circuit don’t need any power source other than Solar power and as of now it is still working from last 5 years.

LED blinking circuit with solar power
LED blinking circuit with solar power
Solar powered led blinking circuit with transistors
LED blinker with solar power

LED Blinking with LM3909 IC

LED flasher with LM3909 IC
LED blinking with LM3909 IC

LED Blinking with 555 timer IC

led blinking circuit with 555 timer
LED Blinking with 55 timer ic
to calculate timer time period have a look at 555 timer frequency calculator.

LED Blinking with Op-Amp

LED blinking circuit with Op-amp
LED blinking circuit with Op-amp

LEDs that blink by themselves

Till now we have seen normal LEDs that behave normally so we need external circuit to make them blink, but here is an LED that Blinks  by itself you just have to apply DC voltages. Within the supply voltage range, no series resistor is required. These LEDs have a built-in blinking IC and have a blinking frequency from 3Hz to 1.5Hz.
flashing led with built in circuitry and current limiting resistor

How to connect LED with Microcontroller?

To connect LED with Microcontroller you have to put current limiting resistor, you can use this online LED Resistor calculator tool or you can use this awesome dial.  You can connect LED either in sink or source configuration.They are shown below.
Sink or source current from microcontroller to LED
Sink Or Source Logic Selection

LED Blinking with different Microcontrollers

LED Blinking With 8051 microcontroller

LED blinking circuit with 8051 microcontroller

Here is the LED blinking circuit and programming for 8051 microcontroller. You can download Proteus simulation and C coding from here.

LED Blinking With PICAXE microcontroller

LED Blinking With PICAXE microcontroller
LED Blinking on Breadboard
This is the program of LED blinking with Picaxe microcontroller, a circuit and coding is given here.

LED Blinking With PIC Microcontroller

For Circuit diagram and Coding of many PIC microcontrollers listed below you can visit this website, it is really a good source of info.
PIC10F200, PIC10F202, PIC10F204, PIC10F206, PIC10F220, PIC10F222, PIC10F320, PIC10F322
PIC12F1501, PIC12F1822, PIC12F1840, PIC12F508, PIC12F509, PIC12F510, PIC12F519, PIC12F609, PIC12F615, PIC12F617, PIC12F629, PIC12F635, PIC12F675, PIC12F683, PIC12HV609, PIC12HV615, PIC12LF1501, PIC12LF1822, PIC12LF1840
PIC16F1503, PIC16F1507, PIC16F1508, PIC16F1509, PIC16F1512, PIC16F1513, PIC16F1516, PIC16F1517, PIC16F1518, PIC16F1519, PIC16F1526, PIC16F1527, PIC16F1782, PIC16F1783, PIC16F1784, PIC16F1786, PIC16F1787, PIC16F1788, PIC16F1789, PIC16F1823, PIC16F1824, PIC16F1825, PIC16F1826, PIC16F1827, PIC16F1828, PIC16F1829, PIC16F1847, PIC16F1933, PIC16F1934, PIC16F1936, PIC16F1937, PIC16F1938, PIC16F1939, PIC16F1946, PIC16F1947, PIC16F505, PIC16F506, PIC16F526, PIC16F54, PIC16F57, PIC16F59, PIC16F610, PIC16F616, PIC16F627, PIC16F627A, PIC16F628, PIC16F628A, PIC16F630, PIC16F631, PIC16F636, PIC16F639, PIC16F648A, PIC16F676, PIC16F677, PIC16F684, PIC16F685, PIC16F687, PIC16F688, PIC16F689, PIC16F690, PIC16F716, PIC16F72, PIC16F720, PIC16F721, PIC16F722, PIC16F722A, PIC16F723, PIC16F723A, PIC16F724, PIC16F726, PIC16F727, PIC16F73, PIC16F737, PIC16F74, PIC16F747, PIC16F76, PIC16F767, PIC16F77, PIC16F777, PIC16F818, PIC16F819, PIC16F83, PIC16F84, PIC16F84A, PIC16F87, PIC16F870, PIC16F871, PIC16F872, PIC16F873, PIC16F873A, PIC16F874, PIC16F874A, PIC16F876, PIC16F876A, PIC16F877, PIC16F877A, PIC16F88, PIC16F882, PIC16F883, PIC16F884, PIC16F886, PIC16F887, PIC16F913, PIC16F914, PIC16F916, PIC16F917, PIC16F946, PIC16HV610, PIC16HV616, PIC16LF1503, PIC16LF1507, PIC16LF1508, PIC16LF1509, PIC16LF1512, PIC16LF1513, PIC16LF1516, PIC16LF1517, PIC16LF1518, PIC16LF1519, PIC16LF1526, PIC16LF1527, PIC16LF1782, PIC16LF1783, PIC16LF1784, PIC16LF1786, PIC16LF1787, PIC16LF1788, PIC16LF1789, PIC16LF1823, PIC16LF1824, PIC16LF1825, PIC16LF1826, PIC16LF1827, PIC16LF1828, PIC16LF1829, PIC16LF1847, PIC16LF1902, PIC16LF1903, PIC16LF1904, PIC16LF1906, PIC16LF1907, PIC16LF1933, PIC16LF1934, PIC16LF1936, PIC16LF1937, PIC16LF1938, PIC16LF1939, PIC16LF1946, PIC16LF1947, PIC16LF720, PIC16LF721, PIC16LF722, PIC16LF722A, PIC16LF723, PIC16LF723A, PIC16LF724, PIC16LF726, PIC16LF727
PIC18F1220, PIC18F1230, PIC18F1320, PIC18F1330, PIC18F1330-ICD, PIC18F13K22, PIC18F13K50, PIC18F14K22, PIC18F14K50, PIC18F2220, PIC18F2221, PIC18F2320, PIC18F2321, PIC18F2331, PIC18F23K20, PIC18F23K22, PIC18F2410, PIC18F242, PIC18F2420, PIC18F2423, PIC18F2431, PIC18F2450, PIC18F2455, PIC18F2458, PIC18F248, PIC18F2480, PIC18F24J10, PIC18F24J11, PIC18F24J50, PIC18F24K20, PIC18F24K22, PIC18F2510, PIC18F2515, PIC18F252, PIC18F2520, PIC18F2523, PIC18F2525, PIC18F2550, PIC18F2553, PIC18F258, PIC18F2580, PIC18F2585, PIC18F25J10, PIC18F25J11, PIC18F25J50, PIC18F25K20, PIC18F25K22, PIC18F25K80, PIC18F2610, PIC18F2620, PIC18F2680, PIC18F2682, PIC18F2685, PIC18F26J11, PIC18F26J13, PIC18F26J50, PIC18F26J53, PIC18F26K20, PIC18F26K22, PIC18F26K80, PIC18F27J13, PIC18F27J53, PIC18F4220, PIC18F4221, PIC18F4320, PIC18F4321, PIC18F4331, PIC18F43K20, PIC18F43K22, PIC18F4410, PIC18F442, PIC18F4420, PIC18F4423, PIC18F4431, PIC18F4450, PIC18F4455, PIC18F4458, PIC18F448, PIC18F4480, PIC18F44J10, PIC18F44J11, PIC18F44J50, PIC18F44K20, PIC18F44K22, PIC18F4510, PIC18F4515, PIC18F452, PIC18F4520, PIC18F4523, PIC18F4525, PIC18F4550, PIC18F4553, PIC18F458, PIC18F4580, PIC18F4585, PIC18F45J10, PIC18F45J11, PIC18F45J50, PIC18F45K20, PIC18F45K22, PIC18F45K80, PIC18F4610, PIC18F4620, PIC18F4680, PIC18F4682, PIC18F4685, PIC18F46J11, PIC18F46J13, PIC18F46J50, PIC18F46J53, PIC18F46K20, PIC18F46K22, PIC18F46K80, PIC18F47J13, PIC18F47J53, PIC18F6310, PIC18F6390, PIC18F6393, PIC18F63J11, PIC18F63J90, PIC18F6410, PIC18F6490, PIC18F6493, PIC18F64J11, PIC18F64J90, PIC18F6520, PIC18F6527, PIC18F6585, PIC18F65J10, PIC18F65J11, PIC18F65J15, PIC18F65J50, PIC18F65J90, PIC18F65K80, PIC18F6620, PIC18F6622, PIC18F6627, PIC18F6628, PIC18F6680, PIC18F66J10, PIC18F66J11, PIC18F66J15, PIC18F66J16, PIC18F66J50, PIC18F66J55, PIC18F66J60, PIC18F66J65, PIC18F66J90, PIC18F66J93, PIC18F66K80, PIC18F6720, PIC18F6722, PIC18F6723, PIC18F67J10, PIC18F67J11, PIC18F67J50, PIC18F67J60, PIC18F67J90, PIC18F67J93, PIC18F8310, PIC18F8390, PIC18F8393, PIC18F83J11, PIC18F83J90, PIC18F8410, PIC18F8490, PIC18F8493, PIC18F84J11, PIC18F84J90, PIC18F8520, PIC18F8527, PIC18F8585, PIC18F85J10, PIC18F85J11, PIC18F85J15, PIC18F85J50, PIC18F85J90, PIC18F8620, PIC18F8622, PIC18F8627, PIC18F8628, PIC18F8680, PIC18F86J10, PIC18F86J11, PIC18F86J15, PIC18F86J16, PIC18F86J50, PIC18F86J55, PIC18F86J60, PIC18F86J65, PIC18F86J72, PIC18F86J90, PIC18F86J93, PIC18F8720, PIC18F8722, PIC18F8723, PIC18F87J10, PIC18F87J11, PIC18F87J50, PIC18F87J60, PIC18F87J72, PIC18F87J90, PIC18F87J93, PIC18F96J60, PIC18F96J65, PIC18F97J60, PIC18LF13K22, PIC18LF13K50, PIC18LF14K22, PIC18LF14K50, PIC18LF23K22, PIC18LF24J10, PIC18LF24J11, PIC18LF24J50, PIC18LF24K22, PIC18LF25J10, PIC18LF25J11, PIC18LF25J50, PIC18LF25K22, PIC18LF25K80, PIC18LF26J11, PIC18LF26J13, PIC18LF26J50, PIC18LF26J53, PIC18LF26K22, PIC18LF26K80, PIC18LF27J13, PIC18LF27J53, PIC18LF43K22, PIC18LF44J10, PIC18LF44J11, PIC18LF44J50, PIC18LF44K22, PIC18LF45J10, PIC18LF45J11, PIC18LF45J50, PIC18LF45K22, PIC18LF45K80, PIC18LF46J11, PIC18LF46J13, PIC18LF46J50, PIC18LF46J53, PIC18LF46K22, PIC18LF46K80, PIC18LF47J13, PIC18LF47J53, PIC18LF65K80, PIC18LF66K80
PIC24HJ128GP202, PIC24HJ128GP204, PIC24HJ128GP206, PIC24HJ128GP206A, PIC24HJ128GP210, PIC24HJ128GP210A, PIC24HJ128GP306, PIC24HJ128GP306A, PIC24HJ128GP310, PIC24HJ128GP310A, PIC24HJ128GP502, PIC24HJ128GP504, PIC24HJ128GP506, PIC24HJ128GP506A, PIC24HJ128GP510, PIC24HJ128GP510A, PIC24HJ12GP201, PIC24HJ12GP202, PIC24HJ16GP304, PIC24HJ256GP206, PIC24HJ256GP206A, PIC24HJ256GP210, PIC24HJ256GP210A, PIC24HJ256GP610, PIC24HJ256GP610A, PIC24HJ32GP202, PIC24HJ32GP204, PIC24HJ32GP302, PIC24HJ32GP304, PIC24HJ64GP202, PIC24HJ64GP204, PIC24HJ64GP206, PIC24HJ64GP206A, PIC24HJ64GP210, PIC24HJ64GP210A, PIC24HJ64GP502, PIC24HJ64GP504, PIC24HJ64GP506, PIC24HJ64GP506A, PIC24HJ64GP510, PIC24HJ64GP510A
PIC24F08KA101, PIC24F08KA102, PIC24F16KA101, PIC24F16KA102, PIC24F16KA301, PIC24F16KA302, PIC24F16KA304, PIC24F32KA301, PIC24F32KA302, PIC24F32KA304, PIC24FJ128DA106, PIC24FJ128DA110, PIC24FJ128DA206, PIC24FJ128DA210, PIC24FJ128GA006, PIC24FJ128GA008, PIC24FJ128GA010, PIC24FJ128GA306, PIC24FJ128GA308, PIC24FJ128GA310, PIC24FJ128GB206, PIC24FJ128GB210, PIC24FJ16GA002, PIC24FJ16GA004, PIC24FJ256DA106, PIC24FJ256DA110, PIC24FJ256DA206, PIC24FJ256DA210, PIC24FJ256GB206, PIC24FJ256GB210, PIC24FJ32GA002, PIC24FJ32GA004, PIC24FJ32GA102, PIC24FJ32GA104, PIC24FJ32GB002, PIC24FJ32GB004, PIC24FJ48GA002, PIC24FJ48GA004, PIC24FJ64GA002, PIC24FJ64GA004, PIC24FJ64GA006, PIC24FJ64GA008, PIC24FJ64GA010, PIC24FJ64GA102, PIC24FJ64GA104, PIC24FJ64GA306, PIC24FJ64GA308, PIC24FJ64GA310, PIC24FJ64GB002, PIC24FJ64GB004, PIC24FJ96GA006, PIC24FJ96GA008, PIC24FJ96GA010, PIC24FV16KA301, PIC24FV16KA302, PIC24FV16KA304, PIC24FV32KA301, PIC24FV32KA302, PIC24FV32KA304
dsPIC30F2010, dsPIC30F2011, dsPIC30F2012, dsPIC30F3010, dsPIC30F3011, dsPIC30F3012, dsPIC30F3013, dsPIC30F3014, dsPIC30F4011, dsPIC30F4012, dsPIC30F4013, dsPIC30F5011, dsPIC30F5013, dsPIC30F5015, dsPIC30F5016, dsPIC30F6010, dsPIC30F6010A, dsPIC30F6011, dsPIC30F6011A, dsPIC30F6012, dsPIC30F6012A, dsPIC30F6013, dsPIC30F6013A, dsPIC30F6014, dsPIC30F6014A, dsPIC30F6015
dsPIC33FJ06GS101, dsPIC33FJ06GS102, dsPIC33FJ06GS202, dsPIC33FJ128GP202, dsPIC33FJ128GP204, dsPIC33FJ128GP206, dsPIC33FJ128GP206A, dsPIC33FJ128GP306, dsPIC33FJ128GP306A, dsPIC33FJ128GP310, dsPIC33FJ128GP310A, dsPIC33FJ128GP706, dsPIC33FJ128GP706A, dsPIC33FJ128GP708, dsPIC33FJ128GP708A, dsPIC33FJ128GP710, dsPIC33FJ128GP710A, dsPIC33FJ128GP802, dsPIC33FJ128GP804, dsPIC33FJ128MC202, dsPIC33FJ128MC204, dsPIC33FJ128MC506, dsPIC33FJ128MC506A, dsPIC33FJ128MC510, dsPIC33FJ128MC510A, dsPIC33FJ128MC706, dsPIC33FJ128MC706A, dsPIC33FJ128MC708, dsPIC33FJ128MC708A, dsPIC33FJ128MC710, dsPIC33FJ128MC710A, dsPIC33FJ128MC802, dsPIC33FJ128MC804, dsPIC33FJ12GP201, dsPIC33FJ12GP202, dsPIC33FJ12MC201, dsPIC33FJ12MC202, dsPIC33FJ16GP304, dsPIC33FJ16GS402, dsPIC33FJ16GS404, dsPIC33FJ16GS502, dsPIC33FJ16GS504, dsPIC33FJ16MC304, dsPIC33FJ256GP506, dsPIC33FJ256GP506A, dsPIC33FJ256GP510, dsPIC33FJ256GP510A, dsPIC33FJ256GP710, dsPIC33FJ256GP710A, dsPIC33FJ256MC510, dsPIC33FJ256MC510A, dsPIC33FJ256MC710, dsPIC33FJ256MC710A, dsPIC33FJ32GP202, dsPIC33FJ32GP204, dsPIC33FJ32GP302, dsPIC33FJ32GP304, dsPIC33FJ32GS406,dsPIC33FJ32GS606, dsPIC33FJ32GS608, dsPIC33FJ32GS610, dsPIC33FJ32MC202, dsPIC33FJ32MC204, dsPIC33FJ32MC302, dsPIC33FJ32MC304, dsPIC33FJ64GP202, dsPIC33FJ64GP204, dsPIC33FJ64GP206, dsPIC33FJ64GP206A, dsPIC33FJ64GP306, dsPIC33FJ64GP306A, dsPIC33FJ64GP310, dsPIC33FJ64GP310A, dsPIC33FJ64GP706, dsPIC33FJ64GP706A, dsPIC33FJ64GP708, dsPIC33FJ64GP708A, dsPIC33FJ64GP710, dsPIC33FJ64GP710A, dsPIC33FJ64GP802, dsPIC33FJ64GP804, dsPIC33FJ64GS406, dsPIC33FJ64GS606, dsPIC33FJ64GS608, dsPIC33FJ64GS610, dsPIC33FJ64MC202, dsPIC33FJ64MC204, dsPIC33FJ64MC506, dsPIC33FJ64MC506A, dsPIC33FJ64MC508, dsPIC33FJ64MC508A, dsPIC33FJ64MC510, dsPIC33FJ64MC510A, dsPIC33FJ64MC706, dsPIC33FJ64MC706A, dsPIC33FJ64MC710, dsPIC33FJ64MC710A, dsPIC33FJ64MC802, dsPIC33FJ64MC804


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