AC voltage RMS measurement with AVR microcontroller

AC voltage measurement with avr microcontroller
Hello friends this is a really superb article about AC voltage RMS measurement with Atmega 8535 microcontroller, made by Genius Devil(fredy). He has written several articles about AC power measurement and signal conditioning in his blog. He has performed many experiments with his microcontroller.
He has used Atmega 8535 microcontroller for all his projects.
AC Rms voltage measurement can be the important task if you want to start doing something related to power electronics. The first and obvious thing that will come across you will be measurement of any AC quantity, it can be AC RMS Voltage measurement, AC RMS current measurement, power measurement.
He has divided the task in several section like…
  1. Take the waveform and divide it into a “large” number of individual increments.
  2. For each sample, square the voltage value.
  3. Sum these squared values over all samples and then calculate their mean value.
  4. Take the square root of this mean.
he was able to measure ac voltage with the error of 0.78% accuracy.

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