Counter timer VSM module in Proteus used to measure frequency of 555 timer IC

Hello friends, this is another Proteus simulation project. This is about the VSM Counter Timer module available in Proteus simulation  Software. You can see in the schematic below that a 555 timer IC is used in Astable Multivibrator mode to generate square wave of different frequencies, value of frequency can be changed by changing the value of RV1 resistor.


counter timer vsm proteus

Counter module in action

The output is fed to Counter Timer VSM  module, the configuration of counter mode is done to count the frequency as shown in below figure.

timer counter vsm module configuration

Timer Counter VSM Module Configuration in frequency counting configuration


You can also have a look at online 555 timer frequency calculator if you don’t want to do the manual calculation.

This module can be used inmeasuring

  • Time counting (second)
  • Time counting (Hour-minute-second)
  • Frequency
  • No of pulses


You can download the example project from here.

This simulation is also available in Proteus 8 at

C:\Program Files\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 7 Professional\SAMPLES\Interactive Simulation\Counter Timer

Have fun with counting and timing in Proteus.

If you have any other suggestion about frequency measurement in Proteus we would like to hear from you, please do leave a comment.

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  1. chip says:

    hi, can i know how to measure 20khz using counter timer because the counter cannot measure value more than 10khz, or did proteus have other tool to measure it.

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