Finally we have migrated to wordpress

Hello Friends we had announced earlier on our facebook page about our migration to

We have been planing to move the Genius Devils since many days and now we have done it.

There are some pros and cons


  • We are having a better interface now.
  • We are expecting a better traffic from Google
  • Great Flexibility of design (We have developed this site in 2 days from no where)
  • We were tired of the plugin support for Blogger and it was consuming much time than creating content.


  •  We have to now pay money for hosting (Earlier with .blogger it was free) (This shows our level of commitment for Genius Devils).
  • As we have migrated our website by ourselves we are expecting some loss in search engine traffic.


The Change

Earlier our website was some what like this

moving to wordpress

Earlier Version of Genius Devils.

now you can see what it is.

We are still and continuously in growing mode and we like to grow, we are expecting a steady growth with WordPress + Genesis.



As we have earlier stated here

And we are working to get it done.

We are accepting your suggestions about the design, please do let us know if you have any good idea to further improve the website.


  1. Bhavin Patel says:

    congratulation bro..
    and its great….nice work…

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