How Our Alexa rank dropped by 500,000 in just one day?

decreasing alexa rank
Hello friends we are Genius Devils, and I want to share one of the best thing happened with me when I was experimenting with idea of popularizing my website.
I know that Alexa ranking is literally meaningless in terms of traffic but many bloggers see this as reputation index and measure your popularity on the basis of your Alexa ranks. so I had to develop my reputation online.
Aim : I wanted to improve my Alexa rank without any black hat technique.

How Our Alexa Rank Dropped By 500,000 in just one day?

As I was continuously thinking and working on improving my Alexa ranking I came up with a very novel idea I just opened up my Facebook account and saw a list of mine online friends. After having a little chat with them I convinced them to write a review for my website at alexa. And three of my friends wrote a review for me. Then everything finished I slept waiting for the result.
The next day when I saw our Alexa rank, BAZINGA it was dropped by approximately 500,000(from 27,00000 to 22,00000). that worked like magic. and I was really happy to see that.

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