LCD in 4 bit mode with PIC16F877

Hello friends this post is one of the proteus tutorial series, here we are going to interface LCD in 4 bit mode with pic microcontroller.

If you are confused between 8 bit mode and 4 bit mode of LCD have a look at pros and cons below.

Advantages of LCD in 4 bit mode:

Using LCD in 4 bit mode can be easy and less pin consuming task as compared to 8 bit mode of LCD.

Disadvantages of LCD in 4 bit mode:

When you are using LCD in 4 bit mode you have to send data two times where in 8 bit mode you only have to write once, this ultimately keeps your microcontroller more busy with LCD. If you are doing only a few things with your microcontroller then its ok you will not have to face the problem of overhead, but this becomes critical when you are doing many tasks same time.


So choice is yours , you want to go for 4 bit mode of LCD or 8 bit mode of LCD.


Here is the example of a simple 16×1 LCD display but you can use it with 16×2 and 20×4 as well.

This is the circuit diagram of LCD in 4 bit mode.

lcd in 4 bit

schematic of LCD in 4 bit mode operation



Here is the link to download C code, LCD driver code and Proteus simulation files for LDE in 4 bit mode.

This project is given as demo in proteus 8 it can be found at

C:\Program Files\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 7 Professional\SAMPLES\VSM for PICMICRO\VSM for PIC16\PIC 4 Bit LCD Driver


This view more projects on display devices have a look at this link.


If you have any questions , doubt or need help feel free to leave a comment below.

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