Online Electronics Engineering Calculator and Converter

Online Electronics Engineering Calculator and Converter
>> Before one month ago we think to post online electronics engineering calculators and converters, and we started it with our first online engineering calculator Parallel Resistor Calculator.
>> The main advantage of these online calculators on genius devils is all calculators are offline. So you can save webpage and use it any time. It doesn’t require flash or online calculation. All calculators perform calculation operation on static webpage using java script only.
>> In above figure you can see 555 Timer Frequency Calculator.

>> How this calculators help you?

  • You can preform electronics calculations and conversions in fraction of second.
  • Many calculators related to other engineering branches also.

>> Why to prefer calculator on genius devils?

  • All engineering calculators are tested by us.
  • It is on static webpage and uses java script. So accessible from any browser without flash support.
  • Can be used on mobile
  • Use any time from any device, no need to install
  • Very less load time
  • No need of internet after page load
  • Very fast answer because calculation made on webpage only

>> In future we have planned to put as many Online Electronics Engineering Calculator and Converter as possible.

Some of them are,

  • Modbus CRC calculator
  • 8051 timer calculator
  • ARM UART baud rate calculator
>>You can also suggest us any engineering calculator. For your suggestion please comment below. All suggestions are welcome.

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