Speaker interfacing with 555 Proteus simulation

Hello Friends we are back with another proteus simulation. This is buzzer interfacing with 555 timer proteus simulation.

Here a simple Astable multivibrator circuit is made with 555 timer IC and the output is given to the speaker. the frequency of sound is generated from the help of capacitor C2 and pot RV1 we can change the frequency of audible sound (literally speaking noise 🙂 )

The speaker used here will be giving output via sound card of PC so you can actually hear the sound of speaker, by fine tuning you can get precise frequency, or you can go for 555 timer frequency calculator.


buzzer interfacing with 555 in proteus

Buzzer interfacing with 555 in proteus simulation


Here is the download link for  buzzer interfacing with 555 in proteus simulation

You can see Speaker interfacing with 8051 microcontroller in proteus.

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