TMS320TCI6636: A chip specially designed to meet 3G and 4G communication needs

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In this article we are going to introduce you to a new member in TI DSP series “TMS320TCI6636” this is a giant processor in terms of processing capabilities.This processor is specially designed to meet needs of 3G and 4G communications. Rather than saying it a processor we should call it a System on chip because it has 8 DSP and 4 ARM Cortex on single chip!!!!

multi core processor

Multiple cores mixed in one chip (Image courtesy: Texas Instruments)

Yes, you have read it right 8 DSP and 4 ARM Cortex on single chip. 🙂


Texas Instruments says

“The TCI6636 SoC is the first wireless infrastructure system-on-chip (SoC) based on TI’s new KeyStone II architecture.”

This chip incorporates radio accelerators, network and security coprocessors, eight fi xed- and fl oating-point capable digital signal processor (DSP) cores and four ARM® RISC cores for super fast processing.

TMS320TCI6636 SOC has multiple dedicated co-processors for special function they are listed below

  • Eight 1.2-GHz TMS320C66x DSP core subsystems combine floating and fixed point on the same core, delivering floating-point performance at fixed-point speeds
  • First infrastructure device with quad ARM® Cortex™-A15 RISC cores
  • Four Viterbi decoder coprocessors supporting more than 50 Mbps at a 40-bit block size
  • Four fast Fourier transform coprocessors (2,400 MCPS at 1,024 FFT size)
  • Two enhanced turbo decoder coprocessors supporting up to 282 Mbps for LTE and WCDMA at eight iterations
  • Two WCDMA receive acceleration coprocessors supporting 8192 correlators
  • WCDMA transmit acceleration coprocessor supporting 2,304 spreaders
  • Bit-rate coprocessor accelerates the entire bit-rate processing

If you want to have a deeper look at TMS320TCI6636 Here is the link to its brochure.

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