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Hi guys, As you are reading this article we share the same hobby of electronics. Isn’t it nice if you could make some money from your this hobby…? Yes you can earn money with us. We are a group of  Two Electronics engineer and we started Genius Devils to make it the biggest collection of […]

50000 Pageviews

There has been a  nice run in our website since last some days even if we are not posting anything due to the damn busy schedule.Meanwhile we have crossed  50000 visitors mark and we are looking forward to increase that. Actually we have already achieved this mark with Blogger platform but then we migrated to […]

Three phase Sinusoidal Pulse Width modulation (SPWM) in PSIM

three phase sine pwm inverter simulation

Here is the sample psim design for Three phase sinusoidal pulse width modulation, this design is very simple and easy to understand by the figure itself here  three sinusoidal waveforms are modulated by a  triangular carrier  wave. Here there is no take care for dead band of  PWM as all IGBTs are assumed as ideal […]

Proteus sample ADC designs for 8051

Here is the sample proteus design for ADC AD1674 with 8051 microcontroller.This design demonstrates the use of an 80C51 to control an AD1674 ADC.When the simulation is running adjust the variable resistor and observe its digital value on the virtual terminal. The graph shows the control signals and can be re-calculated after the simulation has been stopped. […]