Proteus sample ADC designs for 8051

adc proteus demo

Here is the sample proteus design for ADC AD1674 with 8051 microcontroller.This design demonstrates the use of an 80C51 to control an AD1674 ADC.When the simulation is running adjust the variable resistor and observe its digital value on the virtual terminal. The graph shows the control signals and can be re-calculated after the simulation has been stopped.

This can be a ready reference proteus design if you want to begin with an ADC or any other microcontroller program.
This example software is available in Proteus 8 as an example and can be found at

” C:\Program Files\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 7 Professional\SAMPLES\VSM for 8051\8051 ADC using an AD1674″

This type of proteus samples can be very useful if you want to do any device interfacing with microcontroller, you can start by taking its reference.

if you don’t have it you can download proteus 8 it from here, and if you want to have more tutorial on proteus have a look at Proteus Tutorials.

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  1. IBRAHIM UMARU says:

    I am carrying out a project that requires the use of proteus for the schematic diagram. The problem I am facing is that I could not pick out some components from the proteus library and I have no idea on how to get the footprint of the component. Some of the components are; tri-axial accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS module and Arduino Uno. I am seriously in need of your assistant. Thank you.

    • Dear IBRAHIM,

      GPS, GSM, accelrometer etc. modules are not available in proteus. You can connect module with uart interface using com port og your computer. Also you can use atmega controller for arduino simulation.

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