Three phase Sinusoidal Pulse Width modulation (SPWM) in PSIM

three phase sine pwm inverter simulation

Here is the sample psim design for Three phase sinusoidal pulse width modulation, this design is very simple and easy to understand by the figure itself here  three sinusoidal waveforms are modulated by a  triangular carrier  wave. Here there is no take care for dead band of  PWM as all IGBTs are assumed as ideal switch and they are turning on and off in zero time…

This is an inbuilt sample simulation in PSIM 9.2 . If you don’t have PSIM 9. you can download it from here.

“C:\Program Files\Powersim\PSIM9.0.3_Trial\examples\dc-ac”

The output of the simulation would be like this

sine inverter output

Here you can see sine reference and carrier (triangular wave ) in the first graph and the output current of the respective phase is shown in the fig.

here is the simulation file or three phase sine pulse width modulation.

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