We are accepting articles and we are paying for them too!!

Hi guys, As you are reading this article we share the same hobby of electronics. Isn’t it nice if you could make some money from your this hobby…?
Yes you can earn money with us.

We are a group of  Two Electronics engineer and we started Genius Devils to make it the biggest collection of electronics projects, tips, tricks and ideas. Earlier we  were handling Genius Devils in every aspects like designing and writing articles.

Right now we are a bit busy with our career so we could not write by ourselves, So we are in a mood to hire some writers for Genius Devils.

We will be paying 40 INR for a article for the “Permanent  writers”.

The criteria of to be appointed as Permanent Writer  is Good english writing skills, consistency and love for electronics.

Good English : every article must be self written by you in good English language only.

Consistency: We expect at least 5 articles per day from “Permanent Writers”

Love for Electronics : if you love what you do you are the happiest person on earth.

If we find all these things in you we will be appointing you as a Permanent Writer, but don’t be sad if we don’t select you as Permanent writer as you still have chance of  earning some money by writing guest articles.

We are willing to pay 10 INR for each guest post if it is selected (we will strictly check every guest articles).

Here are the rules for articles…..

1)Each article must contain 300 words
2)It should have either an image or a video
3)It can be copied from anywhere else but if you copy you must write it with your words
4)If we like your article we will publish it with your name (all credit goes to you!!!!)
5)If your article gets accepted you get paid

 if you are interested in the deal leave your email id in  comment or mail us at admin@geniusdevils.com

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