A home made phone with Arduino

Hello dear all, there has been a gsm modem since many years and there has been a microcontroller present since many years, you may be owning both of them. But, have you ever wondered to make your own cell phone with both the things?
If NO, you should be thinking to make some one as  its realy cool, easy and you can boat about it in your family…;)

Here is the quick guide about making your own cellphone with arduino from (Boris Landoni) all the software libraries and codes are given in this page. This page contains enough technical data about making your own phone that can be made within a week. He has used arduino (basically an AVR microcontroller) and SIM908 GSM shield.

But this phone just looks too odd you would not like to carry something like this.

gsm shield arduino

gsm shield arduino


Your phone must be some trendy , something smart, something handsome (just like you) so  (xiaobo__)  has made a slim, touchscreen controllable smart phone with arduino (an AVR microcontroller). He has given an extra edge to this project by making the custom phone case with his 3D printer.


He has used Arduino Uno, TFT touch screen shield, GPRS shield, RTC shield,battery and all together packed in a 3D printed case.

now that gives this project a geeky look isn’t it?

touchscreen phone made with arduino

touchscreen phone made with arduino


now thats called a PHONE and that would be just enough for showing off your self as an electronics engineer(be proud of who you are and what you can do).


This two projects listed here shows about using arduino to make your phone but you can make your phone from any of the GSM modem or any microcontroller (AVR, PIC ,Renesas, 8051, ARM) nothing changes.

SO guys making a phone for yourself can be easier than expected and more classy project than any other…..

if you have any questions about the projects or any suggestions leave a comment below (Its free…..:))


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