Dual-core microcontrollers from Texas instruments

Hello friends, this is going to be a jaw dropping article for you if you are not aware about dual core microcontrollers which Texas Instruments just launched. So read carefully. Texas instruments has recently launched Delfino TMS320F2837xD device, which can be a game changer in the world of microcontrollers. This 32-bit floating point microcontroller has two […]

Making your own SMPS

Making a Switch mode power supply can be a very challenging task if you have to start from a scratch. But in  this modern world you need not to reinvent the wheel, Thanks to PowerEsim. You can make your Switch mode power supply by the help of ready to refer designs from PowerEsim online simulator. […]

Drawing a sketch from a microcontroller!

Hello friends, we are back after many days of busy schedule and back with a fantastic project from Ytai Ben-Tsvi. He has made a really beautiful project by making a sketcher board with an IOIO board. If you don’t know about an IOIO board (pronounced as “yo-yo board”) this board is specially designed to interface […]