Drawing a sketch from a microcontroller!

Hello friends, we are back after many days of busy schedule and back with a fantastic project from Ytai Ben-Tsvi. He has made a really beautiful project by making a sketcher board with an IOIO board.

If you don’t know about an IOIO board (pronounced as “yo-yo board”) this board is specially designed to interface with an android phone. This device has capabilities like I2C, SPI, GPIO, PWM, ADC and many more features which are needed to interface with a real world. By this board you can give your android phone the power to access physical world (or you can give a giant processing power of android to your microcontroller project, either way is true ). This board consists of a PIC microcontroller. If you want more information about IOIO board go through this link of sparkfun electronics.

This is a project done by the maker of IOIO board himself. He has done a tremendous work of making motor control library for IOIO board and he came up with a white board plotter made with an IOIO and an Android phone. He has included plenty of image processing in this but thanks to android phone your tiny microcontroller is not burdened with such task and can do a motor control operation.

Here is the image of his masterpiece

io io plotter

He has made this after the process of two night of drawing by his plotter.

for more you can see his video in action at


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  1. Chi says:

    I see you share interesting content here, yyou rarely see artistic electronics projects such like this microcontroller sketching and making painting.

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