Making your own SMPS

Making a Switch mode power supply can be a very challenging task if you have to start from a scratch. But in  this modern world you need not to reinvent the wheel, Thanks to PowerEsim. You can make your Switch mode power supply by the help of ready to refer designs from PowerEsim online simulator. They have plenty of ready made resources available and you can choose your application to make power supply you can choose from (Adapter, Phone charger, Notebook, Server, telecom, DVD, set top box, portable, TV, PC, Industrial, PC, Audio, LED) your application can be any thing!

There are just a few steps to follow.

  1. Choose the operating voltage : you can choose DC or AC input and give input and output values you have to specify output current also.
  2. Choose topology : you can select from many topologies available.
  3. Your SMPS schematic with Bill of material is ready….!!!

But thats not done yet. You can perform many analysis on your design as well. Some tools available are

  • Loss calculation
  • Thermal analysis
  • DVT reports
  • Life time
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Monte Carlo
  • And different waveforms….

I am not endorsing this tool but just loved to work with this and this has made my life almost easy…..

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