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Hello dear readers welcome to Genius Devils. We are a group of electronics engineers. During day time we are firmware designers, but as the night comes we turn into “Genius Devils”. We really like to explore new ideas and make something cool. There are many Genius Devils present across the globe doing something fantastic/nasty/cool/awesome/wicked/superb every time, we feel pleasure to introduce them to you. We have started this website to share all the good electronics projects, ideas, concept and dreams to the world. We believe that one must be constantly updated in this rapidly changing Electronics World and that’s why we are here serving you constantly. We hope that you have liked our website.

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  1. Fawad Khalil says:

    I came to your website while searching for my project of microcontroller. Very good and helpful website it is. Actually I need help in making my project which is about integrating USB camera with a microcontroller and stream the input video from microcontroller to a monitor. It is just a proteus project. I am a software engineer and don’t know where to start. I read on a website that I should install linux on microcontroller and then install the kernel of camera onto it. But i don’t know how to do that on proteus. Will you please help me throuh this, please? It’s very urgent for me.

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