Robot Arm for mars rover

Robot Arm >>Here you can see a Robot Arm, which can be placed on mars rover. This project is made by two Genius engineers Caroline Chang and Scott Warren at cornell university.  >>Robot Arm that is able to use three different end attachments to perform a variety of specified actions, include pushing buttons, scooping up dirt […]

Voice controlled home automation by atmega 328

Here is the voice controlled home automation system designed by two genius devils (Jiayuang and Sheng). They have decided to go off bit in home automation and to design their own voice controlled smart home. But the voice intensity in all home is not same so he used a mic to record data and then […]

Pushbutton with LED light

This can be a really cool part of your next project a push button that lights when you push it or a push button with LED light. This can add an X-factor to your project having such cool button and yet so easy to give it a try. This evil genius(Giorgos)   has given a really […]

GSM Alarm

This is a really wicked project from evil genius (Panagiotis Kalogeris). He has made a GSM caller alarm with the help of an old phone. Main part of his work includes simulating button press for mobile phone. so he used a microcontroller PIC 12f675 and CD4066 IC to simulate work of fingers.Actually right now his […]

IR remote decoding

This is a very good article about decoding IR signals from Remote control. This genius devil (Giorgos Lazaridis) has written  a great tutorial on receiving, viewing, understanding and decoding any IR remote signals. He has talked about Fidgi Air conditioner remote but the protocol decoding idea is just same for all the IR remote codes.

LED resistor calculator

Very often we are in dilemma of selecting resistors for LED and we end up putting a 330 ohm or 270 ohm resistor but this genius devil (Giorgos Lazaridis) found an interesting way to calculate value of  resistor needed for current limiting.  As you can see in the video you can put current and voltages […]