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Hello dear readers we hope you have liked Genius Devils. Now it’s your turn to step forward, we know that you must have done some good project work till now and we would be happy to hear about that. You can also become one of the Genius Devil If you have your website where you are presenting your projects do send us your link. If you don’t have your own website then feel free to write a complete post for Genius Devils, your project would be posted with your name and full credit will be given to you. You can send some small tips to us also that may be helpful to others.
Benefits of being a Submitting a project to Genius Devils:

1) It is good to share knowledge.
2) Your project would get a very huge platform and large audience.
3) You can interact with other persons of same interest.
4) Your Project would remain here FOREVER with your name.
5) If you have your own website we would link to your site that can increase your traffic.

Even if you don’t have done any great project work and come across a good project on internet that you think can be submitted to Genius Devils do drop us the link.

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