Serially data logging and plotting by Arduino.

Hello friends, here is a cool project that has been developed as a sub task for studying Kalman filter with arduino. This project was done by Genius Devil(Starlino) has made a cool application for pc that acts as a data logger and the best part of this is, you can even plot the graph of […]

Self Balancing Unicycle that costs 400$ made with arduino

Here is a really cool self balancing unicycle made by (Glenn) He started with suzuki 36 volt pocket scooter, He started with arduino and using accelerometer to determine the balance of unicycle.(The same way we have seen in our balancing bot).The main thing involved with the project was PID control done by arduino.  Here’s the link […]

Home Automation using Android and Arduino

Hello friends we knew that it is the time for an Android based home automation system earlier when we told you about microcontroller based home automation system. Actually; here it is. This is a project made by Genius Devil (nishant). He has made an android application that can control all the home equipment with the help of […]

Magnetic Levitation with Arduino

Hello friends this is another magnetic levitation project done with arduino. The suspended ball is a permanent magnet. Distance of the ball from the electromagnet is measured by a hall effect sensor placed under the coil. The digital control loop is a PID algorithm that modulates a PWM output to energize the electromagnet through a […]

Facebook notifier with Arduino

Hello guys, here is a really cool project called “Facebook Notifier” made by (tuixte). This Facebook Notifier is made by arduino and servo(Hardware) ; Python and Arduino (software). Python detects the status of facebook and sends the data serially to arduino where arduino is in receiving mode and as soon as it receives a notification […]

LED Blinking With Android

Hello guys this a cool App Inventor plus Android combination to blink LED with the help of your Android Smart phone. Generally our smart phones are very powerful in processing power but we ignore them in our project works but here is an example of what can happen if we connect our Android device with […]

AC RMS voltage measurement with AVR microcontroller

Hello friend many times the readers are asking for an AC RMS voltage measurement system with AVR microcontroller or any other microcontroller.This task can be divided into two sub tasks. 1)Attenuating Line voltage to the level that can be applied to microcontroller pin. Here is the circuit used to measure AC line voltage (230V,50 Hz) […]