Music generation using Relay Switching Sound

>> Hello readers, have you ever thought about music generation using relay switching sound ? Watch above video about it. They made 8 relay board connected with arduino microcontroller. By giving pulses to relay tic-toc music is produces. Watch above video and try to make yourself. Related posts: Music Sound Generation

Making Arduino Robot To Avoid Obstacles

Here is a cool article from (It is a new and developing programming language) written by (Dave).He wanted to test this Whiley language on embedded systems and specially robotics, so he has made a robot from Arduino that can be used as Test Bot for Whiley Embedded system programming. This post is about making […]

Bluetooth controlled RGB LED

This genius devil (murlidharshenoy) is lover of electronics and may be of LEDs also. He wanted LED to be controlled by bluetooth instead of standard remote control. So he just took help from arduino and started digging in. He used Python to program his PC and Nokia mobile phone to send LED data information to […]

Bluetooth Operated ROBOT (2)

  Marcelo Ávila de Oliveira is an electronics engineer who develops software for mobile phones in Brazil. Recently Marcelo decided to use an Arduino board and App Inventor to automate an Android vinyl action figure….. Description: This “DroidBot” Android Robot is driven by Arduino components and controlled over BlueTooth by a mobile phone app developed with […]

Brute force electronic safe to recover lost password

wow what a cool project this is!!This genius devil(Teatree) found an interesting way to do brute force attack on the electronic lock.He lost one of his passwords and rather than calling customer care for help he build his own brute forcing mechanism with the help of Arduino and relay boards. He used the relays to […]