Online power management system with Atmega168

Hello friends , this article is about Online Power Management System Project made by (Karl Lunt) with the help of Atmega 168 microcontroller. He has made this Online power management system to control his gaming server online, he can start his gaming server from anywhere with the help of internet. He has used an ENC28J60 […]

A complete guide for LED Blinking

What is LED? A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. LEDs have allowed new text, video displays, and sensors to be developed, while their high switching rates are also useful in advanced communications technology. What is LED Blinking? LED blinking is same as eye blinking. Close and open eyes is called an eye […]

AC voltage RMS measurement with AVR microcontroller

Hello friends this is a really superb article about AC voltage RMS measurement with Atmega 8535 microcontroller, made by Genius Devil(fredy). He has written several articles about AC power measurement and signal conditioning in his blog. He has performed many experiments with his microcontroller. He has used Atmega 8535 microcontroller for all his projects. AC […]

PCB visiting card

Hi friends have you ever wanted to designing your own visiting card? If yes here is a very good (a bit costly) idea for making your own visiting card.This Genius Devil (ch00f) came up with a unique idea.  This visiting card proves that you are an electronics engineer by design itself. It is a PCB […]

GPS Tracking Device Project for Limited Area

>> These two genius guys Brian Toth and Edgar Roque from cornell university have made GPS Tracking Device Project for Limited Area as their final year el;ectronics project. >> A project summary in their own words “For our final project we designed an GPS tracking device that has a capability of downloading maps from a remote server, […]

Transmitting AM radio using a microcontroller

Hello Friends this is a really cool project of Transmitting AM radio directly with your Atmega32u4 microcontroller. This Genius Devil (Angus McInnes) made this simple design. The obvious question coming in your mind bust be “How can a slow microcontroller (16MHz) Transmit AM audio?” the answer is “No processing is done on audio, the data […]

Touch screen Chess Game using ATMega 644

>> These two genius students Samiul Nur and Caspar Valk from cornell university have made Touch screen Chess Game using ATMega 644 as their final year electronics project. >> A project summary in their own words “One of our goals for this project is to build a reliable touchscreen device. Our initial plan was to use an […]