Bike Gear Position Indicator

Hello Friends here is a really cool project about Bike Gear Positioning with Picaxe microcontroller. It is sometimes very hard for the newbies to remember bike gear position while learning , so this could be a boon for them. A seven segment display is mounted near speedometer to indicate the gear position. This project is […]

Automatic Temperature Control for Cooking Assistant

>> These two genius minds Andrew Kerns and Adam Mendrela of cornell university have made “Automatic Temperature Control for Cooking Assistant” in their final year electronics project. >> A project summary in their own words “In some cooking scenarios, it is desirable to achieve a specific object temperature and keep the object at that temperature. However, […]

Simple Maze Solving Algorithm:The Right Hand Rule

Hello friends many of my friends and readers are were asking for maze solving algorithm with less overhead or which can be designed with very less calculation power. Those who don’t know about maze solving, it includes a wall follower robot which has to find its path from start to end automatically through a maze. Easiest way to […]

Home Automation using Android and Arduino

Hello friends we knew that it is the time for an Android based home automation system earlier when we told you about microcontroller based home automation system. Actually; here it is. This is a project made by Genius Devil (nishant). He has made an android application that can control all the home equipment with the help of […]

Autonomous Roving Robot

A good autonomous robot made by Genius Devil (jinx). He has came up with an autonomous robot that looks like a Duck and mainly because of tilt and pan into his robot. That tilt gives this robot a “nature touch”.He has used ultrasonic sound sensor for distance measurement and a Picaxe microcontroller is used as the brain of this.Full […]

Automatic Railway Crossing and Signal Control

Here is a very cool student project about controlling Railway crossing and Signal control with the help of a Picaxe microcontroller. This project is done by Genius Devil ( Stuart moore ). He has made a simple design with the help of IR signal transceiver to detect the position of train on crossing the brain […]

Automatic turn off Signal Indicator of Vehicle

>> Many times while driving vehicle people forgot to turn off indicator of vehicle. So other vehicles can interpret it in a wrong manner and there is high probability of excident.  >> As the solution of this problem some genius people made Motorcycle turn signal cancellation unit which generates beep-beep sound from buzzer to give notification of […]