Solar Powered RC Electric Lawn Mower

Here is a great project about Solar Powered Lawn Mower by Genius Devil(Robert Smith).He used two electric wheel-chair motors, a couple of swivel wheels, a Sabertooth 2×25 dual-motor driver, a 5-channel transmitter/receiver, charge controller, two 12v 20 watt solar panels, a power inverter, and quite a few other goodies. Here is a complete video tutorial […]

Robotic See Saw control

This Genius Devil (Phil) came up with a great a Robotic See Saw controlling challenge. You have to stop the wheel falling from either side of see saw while going to extreme edge, you only have a light sensor detector at center  of see saw try your head if come up with a solution post the comment […]

Wall Follower Robot

In many of the robotics competition you need something like wall follower or wall detector or NO wall detector.This is one of the project made by Genius Devil (Philippe) he wanted a wall follower with the help of GP2D12 distance sensor which is also made by him. When you are set with a distance sensor […]

Magnetic Field Guided Robot

We have seen many of the line followers till now but they suffer with most of the lighting issues; if you are not given proper surrounding your line follower can’t detect the deference between line and background. But this in ingenious solution developed by Genius Devil ( Philippe) he made a “current wire guided robot”.He […]

Brain controlled Computer

>> These two genius people Charles Moyes & Mengxiang Jiang made Brain controlled Computer as their electronics project at cornell university. >> A brief details about their project in their own words “Our goal was to build a brain-computer interface using an AVR microcontroller. We decided that the least invasive way of measuring brain waves would be […]

Haptic Data Visualizer

>> Three genius students Matthew Fisher, Daniel Moskowitz & Divyaraj Singh of cornell university made Haptic Data Visualizer as their final year electronics project. >> A small project details in their own words “The goal of our project was to create both the hardware and software platform that can be used as a adaptable haptic data visualization […]

Voice controlled Smart Home System

>> These two genius students Jiayuan Wang & Sheng Zhang of cornell university made Voice controlled Smart Home System as their final year electronics project. >> The project summary in their words “We design a smart home control system which allow people control their home devices by voice command at home. This is a wireless, voice control […]