Home Automation using Android and Arduino

Hello friends we knew that it is the time for an Android based home automation system earlier when we told you about microcontroller based home automation system. Actually; here it is. This is a project made by Genius Devil (nishant). He has made an android application that can control all the home equipment with the help of […]

LED Blinking With Android

Hello guys this a cool App Inventor plus Android combination to blink LED with the help of your Android Smart phone. Generally our smart phones are very powerful in processing power but we ignore them in our project works but here is an example of what can happen if we connect our Android device with […]

Infrared Remote Controlled Robot

Here is a cool article written by Genius Devil (Stephanie) to control Robot with Infrared remote control. He has used Arduino Uno , robotics shield for arduino and sony universal remote control. This is the video in action about his design in action [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4OzcQz6] Here is the link to his website Suggested reading Bluetooth Controlled Robots […]

Connect your microcontroller project by Bluetooth

“Wouldn’t it be interesting if your mobile phones /PCs could talk to your Micro-controller Projects??” This question was asked by this genius devil (murlidharshenoy) and he came up with an interesting answer.He used this AUBTM-20 module which makes a bluetooth serial link. one main advantage of bluetooth setial link is that you don’t need to write device […]

Bluetooth Operated ROBOT (2)

  Marcelo Ávila de Oliveira is an electronics engineer who develops software for mobile phones in Brazil. Recently Marcelo decided to use an Arduino board and App Inventor to automate an Android vinyl action figure….. Description: This “DroidBot” Android Robot is driven by Arduino components and controlled over BlueTooth by a mobile phone app developed with […]

Bluetooth controlled Robot

Here is a bluetooth controlled robot. This Genius Devil (Mike) made a Moving robot that can be controlled by an android phone with the help of an application which is also made by himself. And communication between the phone and robot is done with bluetooth. Above is the image of his robot. He has used […]