Alarm Clock with 8051 microcontroller (Proteus Simulation)

Alarm clock made with 8051 microcontroller Hello friends many of our readers have asked to post about Alarm Clock programming  so here is the post from this Genius Devil(Vishal), he has simulated this in Proteus simulation tool. He has done this programming in C language of this Alarm clock.He has not used RTC for time […]

Wall clock made of RGB Pixels Running on Arduino

Hello friends this is a very impressive post about making your own wall clock made of RGB LEDs. This is done by Genius Devil (Tobi). He has used Arduino to manage RGB LEDs and  DS1307 RTC to maintain time. He has made a laser cut frame for his wall clock. This clock has a really […]

Making Digital Clock with Microcontroller Proteus ISIS simulation

Hello Friends, so you want to start with microcontroller programming and if you can’t find any starting point here is one.Try to make your own Digital clock which is made from an LCD and microcontroller as you are only doing time keeping no other work is done by your microcontroller  so you don’t need a […]

7 Day Desktop Alarm Clock using ATMega 644 microcontroller

>> These two genius guys Anthony Boiano and Tong Zhang from cornell university have made 7 Day Desktop Alarm Clock using ATMega 644 microcontroller as their final year electronics project. >> A brief project details in their own words “The variability of a college student’s class and school work schedule gives way to an abnormal sleep/wake pattern […]

Mechanical 7 segment display

This is a really nice project about Mechanical Seven segment Display by Genius Devil(Simon). This is same as our normal LED seven segment display but the segments are made of acrylic instead of light. And servos drive the segment in and out of the block.. here is a video in action…. Here is the link […]

Fancy Watch made from SMD LED and other components

>> These two genius peoples Brain Schiffer & Sima Mitra from cornell university made Fancy Watch made from SMD LED and other components as their final year project. >> A summary of project in their own words “Thoughts like, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” or “Lecture lasts forever,” originate from our highly variable sense of time. […]

Rotating LED display Clock

>> These two genius students Christopher Zheng & Sean Hubber have made a Rotating LED display Clock as their final year project at cornell project. >> A small description in their own words “The goal of our project was to create a persistence-of-vision (POV) analog clock using an LED display. The clock has a visual alarm system […]